This is a collection of pictures taken mostly by me during several field trips. I love working on research projects that involve both field work and lab work. To me this is the perfect balance.

Cuatro Ciénegas, México (2007-2009)

4cienegas 0239

Pozas Azules are a group of deep turquoise lagoons with living stromatolites. One of my favorite places!


Me measuring the temperature of one of the hipersaline dessication ponds from Río Mezquites.

4cienegas 0009

Germán Bonilla-Rosso, Santiago Ramírez-Barahona and me mesauring the conductivity and dissolved oxygen in one of the hipersaline dessication ponds from Río Mezquites.

Mexican Cloud Forest  (2009)

IMG_3729As part of my hobbies I help with field work for other colleagues and friends. This is a picture taken by Santiago Ramírez-Barahona during his field work at Huayacocotla, Veracruz.

Me, Alicia Barceinas and Santiago Ramírez-Barahona at Huayacocotla, Veracruz.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFungi on fallen tree at Zacualtipán, Hidalgo, one of the most humid places I have ever been.

Virginia, USA (2013-2014)


Molly Bletz, Billy Flint, Jennifer Courtwright, Reid Harris and William Shoemaker at a frozen pond in the George Washington National Forest. In this trip we were looking for green frog tadpoles for Will´s project.


A couple of red-spotted newts we found at the pond that same trip. It´s amazing how you can distinguish each individual by its red-spotted pattern.


Beautiful green frog eggs that we collected for William Shoemaker´s project. We enjoyed seeing the whole embrionary development until they hatched as tadpoles.

Panamá (2013)


Trees covered by ferns at El sendero de los quetzales, Boquete. This is the most beautiful forest I have ever seen.


Fishing day with friends at the Panama canal.


Frogs in Panamá are amazing. This is one of my favorites Dendrobates auratus. Molly Bletz found it just outside our apartment in Panama city.


One of our trips, looking for frogs,  at Parque Nacional Soberanía with Myra Hughey and Justin Touchon. Ceibas here are huge! even Justin looks small.


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